According to the Monster Employment Index, hiring increased by 9% in November across all industries.

According to the latest Monster Employment Index, employment demand in various sectors of the economy increased by 9% year-over-year in November 2021, driven by a surge in economic activity following the second wave of COVID-19. According to a job analysis report by
quest company, employment demand has grown steadily by 8% over the past six months. However, in November of this year, job openings remained neutral compared to October.
As the office automation trend began in earnest, the office equipment/automation industry (21%) recorded the highest monthly growth rate due to increased investment in office automation following the re-opening. It is followed by telecommunications/ISP (14%), printing/packaging (7%), apparel/textiles/leather, jewelry and jewellery (4%), oil/gas/petroleum, electricity (3%), and travel and tourism. It was. (3%) industry.

Employment Index

Industries such as retail, banking/financial services, insurance, education, logistics and courier/freight/transport services are stabilizing with slight growth in November 2021. Conversely, shipping/marine industry (9%), IT hardware, software (3%), FMCG, food and packaged food (2%), healthcare, biotechnology and life science pharmaceuticals (2%) Decrease (November 2021 vs. October 2021 Employment Index). According to the
annual comparison, metropolitan areas continued to top the list of highest demand for employment in November 2021, with Tier 2 cities such as Coimbatore (13%) and Baroda (4%) reflecting positive sentiment. Demand for novice/beginner-professionals saw the highest annual growth to date, with an increase of 6% (November 2021 vs. November 2020 Employment Index).
Year-over-year demand for online recruitment increased in 20 of the 27 industries the index tracks.
As of November 2021, urban metropolitan areas continued to dominate employment due to positive hybrid workforce sentiment, with Bangalore (23%), Pune (20%), Hyderabad (20%), Chennai (19%) and Coimbatore ( 19%) had the highest annual growth rate. 13%), Mumbai (11%) and Delhi NCR (10%). The BFSI and ITH hardware and software industries have seen significant growth in these metropolitan areas. Hiring 4,444 hospitality and travel professionals (2%), leading to the highest monthly growth in November 2021, followed by finance and accounting (2%), human resources and management (2%), and marketing and communications (1%). .

Employment Index:

Sales and business development and legal services recorded moderate monthly growth, but senior management (7%), arts/creativity (3%), healthcare (2%), software, hardware, telecommunications (2%), procurement/logistics /Supply chain (2%) and customer service (1%) had the lowest growth rates (October 2021 vs. October 2021).
November 2021 saw high demand for professionals in the following fields: Software, Hardware, Telecommunications (29%), Senior Management (29%), HR & Managers (20%), and Finance & Accounting (18%). Customer Service (11%), Hospitality & Travel (12%) and Sales & Business Development (19%), Marketing & Communications (1%), Design/Manufacturing (3%), Arts/Creativity (4%) and Law (4%) 8%)) there was an annual decrease (November 2021 compared to November 2020). The
index shows a positive increase in recruitment activity at various levels of experience. 2% increase in senior professional (16 years and older) hiring, 1% increase in senior level (1115 years old), 3% increase in average senior level (710 years), intermediate (46 years) and beginner (03 years) positions – slightly 1% each increase (November 2021 compared to October 2021 , Employment Index).

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